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Bow Pose

New product

Delivery time: max. 5 workdays2

I really like this picture. I think she looks so sweet. She cannot bend the pose so far back.

But she is on her way. Do you sometimes dress distinctively, even if others criticize you or you are not yet sure?

Once your mood gets better, do not miss the chance. Do it for yourself - dress nicely.

More details

Very high-quality art print of my original work. The printing is done via professional printer on premium art paper and is refined by hand (art print plus).

The final image also has a UV protection on the front and the date as well as my signature on the back. Of course, I pack the image lovingly and send it well protected on its journey to you. This edition is UNLIMITED.

Important - please note

  • The picture frame above is for illustrative purposes only and is not included in delivery.
  • Colours on the printout may differ from those on your monitor because each monitor displays colours differently.
  • The size of each picture can vary a few millimetres because they are handmade. But this is not affecting framing in any way.
  • The watermark in the image is of course not included in the final product.

How I create my works

  1. I put meticulous handwork into all pictures of this series: I use watercolour, acrylic and pen to create the original on art paper.
  2. Then, I transfer it to a digital basis via scanner on my computer and do the fine tuning for the best result.
  3. After several revisions I print the picture on premium art paper and ad paint to give it an individual character.

This is how my art print plus is being created. The result looks confusingly similar to the original and is a real unique piece.

Manufacturing Method:Art Print
Paper:Fine Art - Artist paper, matt
Protection:UV and scuff protection on the front
Finalizing:Refined by hand
Authentication:Signature on the back
Dating:Date on the back

More pictures of this series

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Delivery time: max. 5 workdays2 Without a mirror you could not really tell how far you have bent back already - almost as if no one from the outside is judging. Of course: Bend back as far as you can. Do not compare with others. Your body was created for you, not for the judgment of other people. It is not pleasant, but if you want to remain mobile,...

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Delivery time: max. 5 workdays2 Honestly, with this picture I have fulfilled my own wish. This pose is really difficult. My right leg I absolutely can not bend like this. But sometimes we have to keep up our imagination and have a picture of what we could be. Pause for a moment. If you take your time and listen to yourself, what would you like to be?

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Delivery time: max. 5 workdays2 Again, it is about how far you can bend backwards. This pose does not look so difficult. But if you are not very flexible, then you will realize that it is not so. Am I flexible at all? It is not pleasant if you are asked: "So, can you perform the pose already?". This can be demotivating. Accept the embarrassing...

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Delivery time: max. 5 workdays2 I am quite sure when we share a selfie, we are looking for other people’s confirmation and hope that they like us. How often do you like your own selfie? And when you like your own selfie, do you like yourself? We do not need to be concerned about the superficial social media opinions of others, because most of the...

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Delivery time: max. 5 workdays2 The yoga pose "Side Plank" is really not easy. Look at her feet - she does not perform the exercise correctly. No matter she does her best. Opens her arms, does not feel really comfortable, but this is not stopping her. When I try to do this, my hands and legs simply keep shaking, till now, it is still the same.

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Delivery time: max. 5 workdays2 This is the only picture in which she closes her eyes - meditating in the lotus position. Her expression also differs slightly from those of the other paintings. Less annoyed, but still disturbed. With her eyes closed, she imagines she is the only one in the room. So why does she still not feel peaceful? Where does the...

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Delivery time: max. 5 workdays2 To make yoga is like the adventure of a child on an empty playground: in absolute freedom one experiences playfully and intuitively his own body.Well, I did not think that this figure is actually so difficult. She must support the back with her arms. It doesn’t really matter how it looks like now. Important is to have a...

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Delivery time: max. 5 workdays2 I like this image of the series very much. The scorpion pose is really difficult. She cannot do it alone yet, so she uses the wall as support. Sure, this is not a perfect scorpion pose, but she finds her own way and gives her best again. Still with a grumpy face. The key is not being perfect but to try out, in order to...

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