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What the press reports about Moitao

Who writes stays. And about whom is written, remains in conversation.VG WORT Zählpixel.

Because we put a whole lot of energy into our art and our website, we are of course very happy when the press reports about one or the other topic. We find it particularly beautiful that Moitao can reach more people with her art and her creative ideas like that. In the following, you will find all publications which have reported about Moitao, her works or this website so far.

January 2017 | Germany | Geliebte Katze: “With corners and edges“

Article about Moitao in

The magazine "Geliebte Katze" (Beloved Cat) published an article about Moitao’s cat series (part of the Digital Diamonds collection) in January 2017. It was presented as a 3 pages interview within the rubric "Artist Portrait". The author, Sabrina Reinsch, asked Moitao about the series, the motives and also the meaning behind her art creations. "Geliebte Katze" is one of the biggest cat magazines in Europe, with a reach of 40,000 people per month.

5 of the cat pictures are being showed within the article. Moitao shares her view about them, cats in general and tells why she created this series. In doing so the artist reveals that she got intensively attracted by the character of cats: "Cats go alone on their own adventures and also make decisions on their own. I find that very inspiring. That reminds me that we should respect the individual freedom of all creatures on this planet."

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16.10.2003 | Hong Kong | Next Magazine: “A pink dream“

In 2003 Moitao was 18 years old. At that time, she had the chance to do a small personal art exhibition in North Point (Hong Kong) for the first time. This exhibition lasted a total of three days and took place in a small shopping mall. Back then, Moitao organized the entire event completely alone.

At that time, she painted the exhibition space completely in pink. Her theme was: What is "right" and "wrong" in painting? All in all it was a very tiring and at the same time extremely fulfilling week. A dream that became true.

Moitao: "I have always dreamed of my own exhibition for my paintings. I really like to paint strange things. When I instruct children how to paint, as an art teacher, their parents always come back to me and ask me why the sun is not yellow."

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Chinese article about exhibition of Moitao.

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