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Payment & Shipping

General Information

The minimum order value in our shop is 10 €4 per order. If your order value is below this amount, a corresponding notification appears in the shopping cart. The button for completion of the order is not activated until the minimum order value has been reached.

Payment: A general request in this context. Please make transfers only in Euro, otherwise fees for the receipt of money may occur on our side, which are unnecessary. Thank you very much!

Payment Methods

You can choose from a variety of payment methods. These are your options:


PayPal is a proven provider of online shop payments, enabling buyers and businesses to send and receive money online. PayPal has over 100 million member accounts in 190 countries and regions.

When registering, you deposit your bank details and / or your credit card in the PayPal account and can pay in the online shop by entering your e-mail address and password.

Payment in Advance

When using payment in advance (also called advance payment), you transfer the money for your order in advance. After the amount due has been received by us, we will send the goods to you.

To transfer the amount you can use your favored usual electronic solution. E.g. directly via input mask in the online account of your bank. You will receive our account information in the course of order processing.

Card Payment

Credit Card

We accept the following credit card payments in our shop: VISA and MASTERCARD. For your payment you need the card number, the expiration date and the three-digit card verification number of your credit card.

Debit Card

We accept the following debit card payments in our shop: MAESTRO CARDS (SecureCode).

With Maestro SecureCode, you can use your usual debit card (or "Bankomatkarte") for payments on the Internet. To do so, you must first register your card in the online banking account of your bank for Maestro SecureCode and store a mobile number. In the case of online payments, you will receive a valid code by SMS after entering the card number, expiry date and card verification number. By entering the code you will complete the payment.

If your card does not contain a 19-digit card number and no check digit (for older cards this data is not available), you must first request a new card from your house bank in order to register for Maestro SecureCode.


SOFORT is a simple and convenient way to pay by using your online banking. To make a payment you will be redirected to the payment page of SOFORT AG.

Upon choosing your country and bank code (BLZ) you can log in with your online banking login data. All relevant order information will be copied automatically from your shopping cart. You just have to confirm your payment by entering the TAN code.


The Dutch online payment system iDEAL has been available since 2005. It allows you to pay directly via transfer from your bank account. This payment method is preferably interesting for you if you have a bank account in the Netherlands.


The abbreviation eps stands for Electronic Payment Standard. This payment method has been developed in Austria and is therefore particularly suitable for you if you have a bank account in Austria.

If you use the eps transfer, you will be redirected to a central bank selection list. You select the desired bank and then legitimate your payment by TAN or electronic signature.

Shipping Information

All orders with an order value of 80 €4 are free of shipping costs within Germany.

We are currently shipping to the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, HongKong, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States.

Please find the respective shipping costs in the following list:

Shipping within Germany

For shipping within the German mainland as well as to German islands we calculate the following shipping costs. For combined orders, the shipping costs of the largest format apply once:

Picture, Format: 12x12cm = 1.45 €
Picture, Format: 18x18cm = 2.60 €
Picture, Format: 28x13,5cm = 2.60 €
Picture, Format: DIN A4 = 2.60 €
Picture, Format: DIN A3 = 4.80 €
Poster, Format: 40x60cm = 6.00 €
Poster, Format: 60x90cm = 8.49 €

Shipping Abroad

We charge the following shipping costs for shipping outside the German mainland as well as outside the German islands. For combined orders, the shipping costs of the largest format apply once:

Picture, Format: 12x12cm = 3.70 €
Picture, Format: 18x18cm = 3.70 €
Picture, Format: 28x13,5cm = 3.70 €
Picture, Format: DIN A4 = 3.70 €
Picture, Format: DIN A3 = 6.20 €
Poster, Format: 40x60cm = 17.50 €
Poster, Format: 60x90cm = 48.49 €

Important note: In the case of deliveries to countries outside the European Union, additional costs may be incurred which we are not responsible for and which must be borne by you. These include, for example, costs for the transfer of money by credit institutions (for example, transfer fees, exchange rate fees) or import taxes (e.g. duties). For more information, see https://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/business/calculation-customs-duties_en and http://auskunft.ezt-online.de/ezto/Welcome.do (German), about import-turnover tax, as well as http://xtares.admin.ch/tares/login/loginFormFiller.do, especially for Switzerland.

Delivery Time

Delivery within Germany takes max. 5 workdays for pictures and max. 10 workdays for posters. Delivery to countries of the EU takes max. 14 workdays. Delivery to all non-EU countries takes max. 28 workdays.

Information for the calculation of the delivery date

The deadline for the delivery begins with payment in advance on the day after the payment order has been issued to the transferring credit institution or in the case of other forms of payment the day after the contract is concluded and ends with the end of the last day of the deadline. If the last day of the deadline is a Sunday or a public holiday, recognized by the State at place of delivery, the next working day shall be substitute for such day.

Free shipping Within Germany, from 80 €4

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