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FAQ - Frequently asked questions and their answers

The Kunst-in-Bildern FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) show you exactly the questions, which most users are intereted in. You can read our answers directly underneath. So just click on the question you are interested in and switch between the topics.

From your point of view important points are still missing? No problem, just use the contact form and send us your questions. Have fun reading.VG WORT counting pixel.

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Who or what is Moitao?

Kunst-in-Bildern is the joint project of the artist Moitao and her husband. The artist's name Moitao is composed of the French word "Moi" and the Chinese nickname "Atao". Find out more here: The Artist Moitao.

What does the logo mean?

The logo is a multifaceted allusion to the different styles of the artist Moitao. The triangle in the upper left shows the works of the "Triangle Art" collection and the Asian-style brush stroke refers to the artist's cultural background.

At the same time, digital and analogue design are combined in the logo - a reference to the mixed media art Moitao pursues.

Moitao: "The golden square is a kind of focus for me: to point to something to thematize, to fathom things and to reach the source. Gold is one of my favorite colors. I really realized this for the first time when I visited Vienna - the Secession building attracted me very much."

Why is the watermark in all images?

In all product pictures of our works you will find a transparent lettering with the URL of Kunst-in-Bildern. This is our watermark. It is intended to prevent or hinder the unauthorized use of our works. If you are interested in using our picture material, please write to us in any case via contact form.

Why is content missing on my smartphone?

We optimized the smartphone version of our website for speed. We do not want you to be bored with a slow website. Therefore, some content that would cause long load times will not appear on smartphones. Visit Kunst-in-Bildern with your tablet or desktop computer and enjoy all the content in full.

What does Fabian Kockartz have to do with this website?

Perhaps you have already come across this name in some areas of our website. He is the husband of the artist Moitao. Together, both operate this Internet presence. Fabian writes mainly the blog and cares as a Webmaster for everything a webmaster so cares.

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