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100 modern dog pictures. Of quadrupeds from all over the world.

The art project "EinHUNDert" immortalizes dogs from different countries in 100 pictures. Is your darling part of it?VG WORT Zählpixel.

Project logo: einHUNDert.
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    Delivery time: max. 10 workdays2 This image is the first one I have done for the dogs series – a sweet, little Chihuahua. They can have so many different colours, shapes and coat lengths. So it took me some time to make up my mind which kind I like the most. In the end I have decided for a dark variant against a pink background. In order to show the...

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    Delivery time: max. 10 workdays2 The French Bulldog is originally from England, not France. I find this diminutive breed very cute and attractive. I have intentionally chosen the specific perspective in the picture – so you can see the distinctive nose well. The upstanding eyes let this quadruped appear very smart and alerted. Indeed the French bulldog...

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    Delivery time: max. 10 workdays2 Yorkshire Terriers are particularly good for dog lovers with allergies. Their hair is very charming indeed and I have used two different kinds in my image. You can see that its hair is relatively long and thin in the face, while it is darker on the body and takes up more space to mirror the curls of the dog. Have a look...

100 Offline dogs from around the world gather online!

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    Delivery time: max. 10 workdays2 The Elo is a hybrid as well. This crossing was first ‘created’ in Germany in 1987. Elos are perfect family dogs. These dogs may look completely different. Ultimately, I decided to summarize the most distinctive features in an own picture. The result you can see here: Hairy, pointed ears, round eyes, medium length fur,...

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    Delivery time: max. 10 workdays2 Basically the Labrador does exist in three different colors. Black is the most common. This kind of dog is extremely trainable. Look the dog in this image in the eye. It almost seems as if he would listen to you. The Labrador is a very social dog breed that feels strongly associated with people.

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    Delivery time: max. 10 workdays2 Handsome and classy - the German shepherd not only looks great, it is also very capable and obedient. This big-gentle is very strong and looks a bit like a wolf. This is not only superficially so, because as a puppy the German shepherd has floppy ears, just like wolves. And when they reach maturity, both of which have...

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1 | Collection Dog Picture

Paper | DIN A4:25.00 €1 Shipping excluded
Paper | DIN A3:36.00 €1 Shipping excluded
Poster | 40x60cm:48.00 €1 Shipping excluded
Poster | 60x90cm:60.00 €1 Shipping excluded

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2 | Exclusive Dog Picture

Paper | DIN A4:300.00 €1 Shipping excluded
Paper | DIN A3:330.00 €1 Shipping excluded
Poster | 40x60cm:380.00 €1 Shipping excluded
Poster | 60x90cm:410.00 €1 Shipping excluded
Canvas | 50x75cm:430.00 €1 Shipping excluded
Alu-Dibond | 50x75cm:490.00 €1 Shipping excluded

In order to clarify what applies to you, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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    Delivery time: max. 10 workdays2 Another Frenchie! Look at the bat-eared, how could you not fall in love with him? Even they are small in size but full of powerful muscles. Rhino is the name of the dog that is the inspiration for this picture. This is the first Instagram friend who I met through my art. One thing I know for sure now: If I am going to...

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    Delivery time: max. 10 workdays2 Malamutes are very large but at the same time sweet and affectionate dogs. This Malamute is based on a real dog named Onyx. The picture was commissioned by a customer in New Zealand. Onyx is still growing, so the color of his top coat changes all the time. That he is not yet fully grown, so far distinguishes him from...

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    Delivery time: max. 10 workdays2 The Labradoodle is created by the intersection of Labrador Retriever and Poodle. It is therefore another mongrel in my collection. As with many half-breeds, also the final appearance of a newborn Labradoodle is very difficult to predict. When painting my image I decided for straight hair on the face and curly on the body.

Your dog should not be part of the project. You simply want to buy one of the available pictures. Great, then look at all dog pictures now.

Learn more about the project

I started this dog series in October 2015. I created the first few works with some dog pictures as reference and some imagination on top. Therefore, you can see they are a bit more cartoon like. After a few dog portraits were done, I started to receive some requests from dog owners around the world. The Malamute was the picture I created based on an image of a real dog that lives in New Zealand.

At the same time I started to build up nice contacts and relationships with people from many different countries. So, I thought: hey, why not joining them together to forming a big dog family online? And here we go – a new project was born. Then, my husband Fabian and I started to think of a good name for this project. Fabian pointed out that there is the word “Hund” (dog) hidden in the German word “Einhundert” (one hundred).

I thought this is really a cool idea, so I set the aim of the project to create 100 dog pictures. And we defined the final name for our project: “EinHUNDert” (one hundred dogs). While working on the project, I have met a lot of people from different parts of the world. I learned a lot about dogs and I have heard a lot of interesting, touching stories. About dogs that got rescued from a dog meat farm in Korea, two friends who didn’t get in touch with each other for a long time and used our four-legged friends as an icebreaker – and many stories more.

I really enjoy working on this project a lot. Not only because I am looking forward to finish the 100 pictures (I guess most of the people love to collect things and fill up lists – isn’t it?^^) but also because I can get so close to humans and dogs during this process. I would love to meet them all in real. Can you imagine a final exhibition with all the big dog prints and the dog families gathering together?

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