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British Shorthair (Night)

New product

Delivery time: max. 10 workdays2

This version of the British short hair I have created on a special request of a customer.

She wanted to see the cat in the night. Therefore, this picture has a dark background and the cat has luminous eyes.

The British short hair originally comes from Great Britain and has been bred for more than 100 years.

More details

Excellent Digital print of my original work. We use a professional printer and premium photo paper for the print-out. The final image also has a UV protection.

The white border makes framing easy. Of course, I pack the image lovingly and send it well protected on its journey to you. This edition is UNLIMITED.

Important - please note

  • The picture frame above is for illustrative purposes only and is not included in delivery.
  • Colours on the printout may differ from those on your monitor because each monitor displays colours differently.
  • The watermark in the image is of course not included in the final product.

How I create my works

  1. I put real craftsmanship into my cat pictures. Many of them I do start offline, with a manual sketch - very classic.
  2. Then, I transfer the image on my computer, correct it and thus create a basis for the next steps.
  3. Now I manually build a grid and colorize it. So I breathe digital life into my cat.

After a few hours of work finally the time has come: My sweetheart sees the light of day and is looking forward to his new home.

Manufacturing Method:Digital Print
Paper:Fine Art - Photo paper, semi-gloss
Protection:UV protection on the front

More pictures of this series

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Delivery time: max. 10 workdays2 "Black Cat Sunset" is the first picture of my cat series within the "Digital Diamonds" collection. It captures this enchanting moment, in which a black cat looks into the infinity of an early evening. Have a rest as well. Start your journey into the fascinating world of cats - here and now.

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Delivery time: max. 10 workdays2 The Maine Coon cat belongs to the so-called "forest cats". I think this cat type is really extremely fascinating. And so I tried to capture their characteristics as well as possible. Typical for a Maine Coon are a long, bushy tail. As well as a broad muzzle, wide apart eyes, big ears and mostly also lynx brushes.

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Delivery time: max. 10 workdays2 I think the Snowshoe is an extremely sweet and pretty cat breed. It comes originally from the USA. These cats are generally considered as active, loud, cuddly and also very friendly. The Snowshoe owes its name to its distinctive white paws which are characteristic for this cat breed.

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Delivery time: max. 10 workdays2 Is not she enchanting? The European short hair is a really very graceful cat breed. Usually these house cats have muscular legs, a broad chest and also a thick coat. The European short hair is considered to be very intelligent. At the same time it is usually as lively as it is loving.

Delivery time: max. 10 workdays2 The British short hair is a cat breed that has been bred for more than 100 years already. As their name suggests, these droll quadrupeds originally came from the United Kingdom. The British shorthair is usually burly / muscular built and is not at all afraid of water.

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Delivery time: max. 10 workdays2 This is the first of the two cats that I created and designed on the suggestion of a Facebook contact. Tabby cats are widespread in our regions. I like this pattern very much because it always reminds me of wild cats. And now I wish you a lot of fun with picture number six of my cat series. Please, enjoy.

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Delivery time: max. 10 workdays2 And here is the second of the two cats that I created and implemented on the suggestion of a Facebook contact. For me black cats have always been and will always be mystical, deeply fascinating beings. I really hope very much, my picture is able to transport something of this fascination.

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