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Individual art pictures for your rooms

No matter whether to beautify your apartment, as a gift or just so. If you want to buy beautiful, individual pictures, then you are exactly right here.VG WORT Zählpixel.

And if you especially like something in our portfolio, then please feel free to leave a comment. Or share our page with your friends and acquaintances. Many many thanks for your support! Yours Moitao.

You want to see the first pictures right away? That is great, then simply go ahead and start with our works from the collection "Fat Lady".

In the photo of this text, you can see how a selection of these images can look like. Currently there are two series within this collection: Series 1 and Series 2: Yoga. Further ones are planned and will follow in the future.

One thing is very dear to us: All works are descriptions in the sense of the artistic intention, no attacks or defenses - but simply statements.

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    Delivery time: max. 5 workdays2 At the same time as the dance course, then in Hong Kong, I also took part in a Pilates Yoga course. Again, for overweight people, some of the yoga figures are not that easy to perform. And not only because of lack of flexibility, but also because of the fat, which prevents the body from performing the pose altogether.

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    Delivery time: max. 5 workdays2 I painted So Cool Sista when I participated in a funky dance course in HK. It is named after a famous Korean band and their song, which we used. While I was enjoying my moves, some people made fun of me. The expression of the fat lady in the picture shows exactly how I felt back then. Inspired by "Hefty Fine" (Band:...

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    Delivery time: max. 5 workdays2 Food should be a treat. For the overweight, however, this is sometimes really not so easy. It is very often that they are judged and criticized by others when they are eating something. Indeed, very often I imagine that other people also do this with me. A very unpleasant feeling - which is the subject of this picture.

Testimonial: Laura Yau.


Happy customer from New Zealand

This was premium service! Moitao has created a digital diamonds picture of my own dog for me. It arrived fast and nicely boxed at my place - with a small surprise in it. I am really very impressed.

Buy pictures: For example, cat motifs from the collection Digital Diamonds

In our picture gallery you will find abstract works, decorative pictures and original illustrations. You can choose from different styles, materials and formats.

And if you especially like something: Order your desired picture directly in our shop. This is very convenient. E.g. you can choose from 6 different payment methods – this makes online shopping fun.

How about e.g. a picture from our cat series? Give your rooms a very cutting-edge touch with our four-legged friends in a modern Digital Style.

For this project, Moitao has embarked on a journey into the world of cats and has placed her artistic attention on some cat breeds. Including Snowshoe, European Shorthair and British Shorthair.

We really hope you can find your favorite among those breeds. If not, write to us!

Framed cat poster on cabinet.
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    Delivery time: max. 10 workdays2 I think the Snowshoe is an extremely sweet and pretty cat breed. It comes originally from the USA. These cats are generally considered as active, loud, cuddly and also very friendly. The Snowshoe owes its name to its distinctive white paws which are characteristic for this cat breed.

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    Delivery time: max. 10 workdays2 Is not she enchanting? The European short hair is a really very graceful cat breed. Usually these house cats have muscular legs, a broad chest and also a thick coat. The European short hair is considered to be very intelligent. At the same time it is usually as lively as it is loving.

  • Delivery time: max. 10 workdays2 The British short hair is a cat breed that has been bred for more than 100 years already. As their name suggests, these droll quadrupeds originally came from the United Kingdom. The British shorthair is usually burly / muscular built and is not at all afraid of water.

Framed pictures over chest of drawers.

Fly Fishing: art prints plus - directly from the painter

As you have already seen, this series was inspired by those flies that anglers use for fly fishing. However, these pictures are not only bought by fishermen.

Many fans of our fishing flies generally feel very connected with the sea in particular, maritime designs in general or they just simply appreciate the very loving design of these cute works.

The series comprises a total of 8 motifs. Properly arranged, each one becomes a real eye-catcher. Distinctive: The wide-format, which has been adapted to the fishing fly.

And something else is special: the way we make our art prints. In contrast to ordinary prints, the artist Moitao finalizes every art print by hand. With brush and genuine artist colors.

Exactly this adds something truly unique, completely individual to each picture. And that is why we call them this way: art prints plus.

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    Delivery time: max. 5 workdays2 During the creation of this series I somehow reached a certain point where I no longer knew exactly how the next picture should look like. And then I asked myself the question: How about a fly that represents myself? How would a Chinese fly look like?

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    Delivery time: max. 5 workdays2 The name of this image indicates the distance between the two cities of Berlin and Hong Kong. It is a picture for my friend, who lives in Berlin. So, for me it is like a key to Germany.

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    Delivery time: max. 5 workdays2 This is the first fly I have painted. I have been drawn to this particular subject by the app "AN ENCYCLOPEDIA OF FISHING FLIES". The picture was created in 2011. And I still find it fantastic to have discovered this wonderful invention in the world.

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