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Are you looking for creative art prints of excellent quality? Great, we have something for you.

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    Delivery time: max. 5 workdays2 Today I am in a funny mood. I paint a fly to hug. My signature on the picture seems to lead the fly. I see water dripping. Is this fly also coming right out of the water? Like the fly before?

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    Delivery time: max. 5 workdays2 In this picture I use aqua gloss for the first time (a medium that increases the luminosity of water color). When painting "Over the Ocean", I have especially focused on the aspects of angle, symmetry and lines.

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    Delivery time: max. 5 workdays2 In this picture, my masking pen (preventing the paper from taking color at the covered areas) was used for the first time. I wanted to create a fly that looked alien and lively at the same time: it looks like a robot, but it looks as if it is alive.

Photo of testimonial Martin.


Satisfied customer from Germany

I really have to say: everything worked smoothly. I am very satisfied and extremely happy about these great pictures. The motives are really expressive and the art prints are flawlessly crafted!

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    Delivery time: max. 5 workdays2 I really like this picture. I think she looks so sweet. She cannot bend the pose so far back. But she is on her way. Do you sometimes dress distinctively, even if others criticize you or you are not yet sure? Once your mood gets better, do not miss the chance. Do it for yourself - dress nicely.

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    Delivery time: max. 5 workdays2 I am quite sure when we share a selfie, we are looking for other people’s confirmation and hope that they like us. How often do you like your own selfie? And when you like your own selfie, do you like yourself? We do not need to be concerned about the superficial social media opinions of others, because most of the...

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    Delivery time: max. 5 workdays2 The yoga pose "Side Plank" is really not easy. Look at her feet - she does not perform the exercise correctly. No matter she does her best. Opens her arms, does not feel really comfortable, but this is not stopping her. When I try to do this, my hands and legs simply keep shaking, till now, it is still the same.


Only heavy art papers of premium quality are being used. These have high-saturation grammages starting at 200 g/m² - this varies somewhat depending on the actual work.


We use a professional printer for the production of your art print and only high-quality ink. In addition, all of our art prints are hand-finished (art print plus).VG WORT Zählpixel.


In the last step, your image is treated with a quality protection spray. So you can enjoy your desired motives, a very long time after you bought your art prints.
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    Delivery time: max. 5 workdays2 Honestly, with this picture I have fulfilled my own wish. This pose is really difficult. My right leg I absolutely can not bend like this. But sometimes we have to keep up our imagination and have a picture of what we could be. Pause for a moment. If you take your time and listen to yourself, what would you like to be?

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    Delivery time: max. 5 workdays2 This is the only picture in which she closes her eyes - meditating in the lotus position. Her expression also differs slightly from those of the other paintings. Less annoyed, but still disturbed. With her eyes closed, she imagines she is the only one in the room. So why does she still not feel peaceful? Where does the...

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    Delivery time: max. 5 workdays2 To make yoga is like the adventure of a child on an empty playground: in absolute freedom one experiences playfully and intuitively his own body.Well, I did not think that this figure is actually so difficult. She must support the back with her arms. It doesn’t really matter how it looks like now. Important is to have a...

Buy art prints - directly from the artist Moitao

I am very happy that you like my work - otherwise you would probably not have scrolled all the way down to here. Certainly I cannot compete with the large art shops regarding the quantity of pictures. And actually this is not what I want. My website is not another of many art dealer sites on the internet. You are here in the middle of my digital artist's studio. I am a freelance artist, passionate and express myself with painting, illustration and graphic design within different subject areas. In the following I will tell you more about my pictures, how I work and how you can buy art prints here.

Comfortable buy art prints online

Here, on Kunst-in-Bildern you can find all currently available works of mine. So you can look around in peace and buy my art prints safely, quickly and easily if you feel like getting one of them. Many of the most common payment methods are available for you, such as: PayPal, wire transfer (payment in advance) or credit card (MasterCard / Visa). So if you do not already have one, create a customer account and go shopping. Of course, guest checkout is also possible if you are in a hurry.

A picture diversity as colorful as life

I come from Asia and love Europe. In my works, therefore, both are shining through. Sometimes the one stronger, sometimes the other and mostly in a multi-layered combination. I love the diversity in which life expresses itself. Sometimes it is difficult and one is crying, sometimes it is easy and you want to embrace the world. This range is reflected in my artistic portfolio.

The works of the collection fat lady are about compelling social influences, which can bring one a lot of trouble. And in the pictures on the subject of fly fishing, you will find colorful, light motives, which should simply be a pleasure. In between, of course, there are many other works with other subjects. You are interested? Then visit my picture gallery.

As close to the original as possible

One thing is very important for me: I do finish all my art prints with manual, individual painting. This is how I enrich my works so that you can get a real art print piece that looks like a painted original. This is the origin of the name for my works in this style: art print plus.

Art from person to person

You cannot find exactly what you are looking for? An image format is too small or too big for you? No problem, just contact me directly - together we will find the best solution for you. This is the beauty of Kunst-in-Bildern: here you talk to the artist personally. I look forward to your wishes. And I am only satisfied if you are satisfied. This means service to me. And like this buying art prints is a pleasure.

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