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Art Online News 01/2017: Documenta, Magic City, Place, Pury

It has been long since the last KON and much has happened in between. In the KON 01/2017 you will read some of the most interesting news from the world of art, about which the net reports.
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Art Online News 01/2016: Trump, Iran, Passions, Magnus App

And again in August, a lot has happened within the art world. In AON 01/2016, you will read some of the most interesting news the internet is reporting on.
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Art Online News 05/2015: Bohème, House wall, Snow, Art Basel MB

Even in December, a lot has happened again within the art world. In the AON 05/2015, you will read some of the most interesting news the internet is talking about.
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Art Online News 04/2015: Daniel Richter, Hirst, Ikebana, Städel Digital

The art scene is alive as ever. In the AON 04/2015 you read interesting information and details about some of the most exciting news from the beginning of October.
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Art Online News 03/2015: Ai Weiwei, Lady, Loo, Art Market, Kultur-SG

In the last few weeks, a lot of interesting things have happened in the art world. My little news flash about it you can read here. Enjoy the AON 03/2015.
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