These are just a couple of a few hundred dudes | All motifs: ©DudesbyCamilllo
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They are funny, the dudes by Camillo Richter. The artist from Halle Saale adds another character to his collection every day.

Hundreds of striking illustrations have now been created. In this blog post I will show you my 10 favorites.

And there is some background information in the end. Have fun with the dudes and their creative creator.

Dudesbycamilllo: My personal Top 10

10 dudes I've picked out of the Instagram account of dudesbycamilllo. Let's start off! With:

Olaf Schubert

Definitely and unmistakably a real dude. Olaf Schubert I've always found extremely funny. In the beginning, I was really amazed how rigorously he could stay in his role as a comedian. And so far unrivaled from my point of view: the pretending of his lack of talent when making music.

Bernd Stromberg

I watched all the seasons and movies. And all my giggle fits in a row equal several weeks. Well, felt at least. Because ‘Papa’ is and remains the best office solo entertainer of all time.

IT staff: "Should I then activate the web protection again?"
Stromberg: "Ne, ne, never mind. From here on out, I can handle myself... "

Barack Obama

Actually, I had firmly decided not to select politicians. But Camillo's interpretation of the US President is simply a sloppy laugh. One thing is for sure for me now: Barack Obama feeds in real life not yet patriotic enough.


I know that opinions differ widely but for me it is a fantastic movie. Just my kind of humor. For better classification: I have already watched all seasons of "The Big Bang Theory" 5 times. And I also know that there is more possible. I add oil…

Dr. Dr. Sheldon Lee Cooper

This goal had to be scored. @Camillo: Thank you for this great perpetuation of my favorite serial character. Chapó.

The spirit of the son of Alois Schicklgruber

Great statement. Sometimes less is more. And so my lines end here.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnie must not be missing. In his role as terminator, Camilllo drew him best to me. A real bad ass dude.

The Statue of Liberty

"What do you look at me so reproachfully? I am only a gift from France."

John Snow

Hilarious! I find this illustration of John Snow is better than the original. The effect is in some way much more harmonious :)

Walter White

Oh man, that is hard. Whom should I pick as last dude? Ultimately, I can’t get past Walter White. Breaking Bad is one of the best TV series ever. And this Walter looks just mega cool.

5 questions to the artist

KUNST-IN-BILDERN: How do you decide who will be the next dude in your collection?

RICHTER: First and foremost I paint dudes which I really like. However, it would be a lie if I would claim that current events have no influence on me. But often people write me if I could paint them as dude. If these people then have a good story, I like to put them into my #366Dudes project.

KUNST-IN-BILDERN: What is your favorite dude?

RICHTER: I do not have a favorite. I like to illustrate people and I always hope to find something interesting about them.

KUNST-IN-BILDERN: Through your works you have certainly already met many real dudes. Which of these impressed you the most and why?

RICHTER: I met Dendemann and Jan Böhmermann from Neo Magazin Royale, among others. Dendemann had contacted me to see if I would illustrate him. Rooz from HipHop. de or the world champion photographer Paul Riepke also wanted to be included in the list. But to be honest, I was more and more interested in the stories of the ‘normal’ people. Thomas Herzog, Olivia, Tobi and Lisa Ulrich are people I met during my project and will never forget again. I hope, to be honest, many more private requests from people who want to tell me their story.

KUNST-IN-BILDERN: What drives you to your work? Is there a mission you're on with your dudes?

RICHTER: I am driven by the unconditional will to be so popular with my graphics and illustrations one day that I can feed my family with them. I also work for different clients and in the long run I would like to fill galleries with my works. I want to make people think and show them that anything is possible. Drawing a dude every day has turned out to be more stressful than I ever thought. On January 5, 2016 I had an appendix breakthrough and barely managed it to paint dudes at the hospital for 2 weeks. That inspired me so much that I realized afterwards that I could do anything. My mission is to become better known. I want to elicit an emotion from people. If I can do that, I've done everything right.

KUNST-IN-BILDERN: What are your artist role models?

RICHTER: My artist role models are Klaus Völker, Jonathan Meese and Gerhard Richter.

A bit of color on the background

I saw the dudes of Camilllo for the first time in a blog article on Schlecky Silbertsein. I liked them immediately and my interest in learning more was aroused.

One e-mail and some research later the time came: I started working on this blog article. And it wrote itself almost automatically.

Because the dudes of Camillo Richter are entertaining and inspiring at the same time. Somehow already true classics.

You like the illustrations as well and you would like to know more about the artist and his works? No problem, just visit his website at:

From there you can also access his social media profiles.
All highly recommended.