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The Next Rembrandt: An algorithm creates a masterpiece

The Next Rembrandt is an artistic-technological project of the century by ING / Microsoft / TU Delft / Mauritshuis / Rembrandthuis. Find out the amazing background information here.
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A dude rarely comes alone. My Top 10 dudes by Camillo Richter [+ Interview]

Everyone is different and yet they all have something in common: they are real dudes. The illustrations of artist Camillo Richter are amusing. Do not miss the fun.
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Low Poly Art: Discovering the fascinating world of triangular art

Low Poly Art is not just what eyes are for. Here you can read where the timeless style comes from, how it has evolved, and why the subject is quite philosophical.
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Selfie: Attempt of a clear definition with 4 approaches [#selfierade @skk]

Selfies are a phenomenon. But what exactly is it, a selfie? It is indeed very difficult to answer this clearly. Do not you believe? Then read on.
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Bronze figures interpreted in a modern way: from quite decorative to quite philosophical

Sculptures are boring? No way. I have put together 10 modern bronze figures, which will also fascinate you. Click now and have a look.
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