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    Delivery time: max. 10 workdays2 Because of this special dog, I learnt about the dog-ear cropping topic for the very first time. This Doberman is a dream dog of a kind-hearted lady from Berlin. She asked me to keep the dog’s floppy ears down in the picture - the natural way. We humans, as masters of pets, should really control our selfishness well and...

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    Delivery time: max. 10 workdays2 Welcome Rupee, a cute Tibetan Terrier from the Lower East Side (New York City - USA). I was traveling to Hong Kong, Shanghai and Japan when I was working on this picture. The completion took quite a long time, because Rupee has pretty long hair. But with the result I am very satisfied.

  • Delivery time: max. 10 workdays2 This loyal and intelligent Golden Retriever is based on a dog named Enzo. He lives in Puerto Rico. Enzo's mistress and I have also met online. Through our conversations on Instagram. Seeing the pictures of her home is really exciting, all the sunshine there and the wonderfully clear water - a paradise. Maybe not just...

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    Delivery time: max. 10 workdays2 Another Frenchie! Look at the bat-eared, how could you not fall in love with him? Even they are small in size but full of powerful muscles. Rhino is the name of the dog that is the inspiration for this picture. This is the first Instagram friend who I met through my art. One thing I know for sure now: If I am going to...

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    Delivery time: max. 10 workdays2 Malamutes are very large but at the same time sweet and affectionate dogs. This Malamute is based on a real dog named Onyx. The picture was commissioned by a customer in New Zealand. Onyx is still growing, so the color of his top coat changes all the time. That he is not yet fully grown, so far distinguishes him from...

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    Delivery time: max. 10 workdays2 The Labradoodle is created by the intersection of Labrador Retriever and Poodle. It is therefore another mongrel in my collection. As with many half-breeds, also the final appearance of a newborn Labradoodle is very difficult to predict. When painting my image I decided for straight hair on the face and curly on the body.

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    Delivery time: max. 10 workdays2 And here is the second of the two cats that I created and implemented on the suggestion of a Facebook contact. For me black cats have always been and will always be mystical, deeply fascinating beings. I really hope very much, my picture is able to transport something of this fascination.

  • Delivery time: max. 10 workdays2 The British short hair is a cat breed that has been bred for more than 100 years already. As their name suggests, these droll quadrupeds originally came from the United Kingdom. The British shorthair is usually burly / muscular built and is not at all afraid of water.

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    Delivery time: max. 10 workdays2 Is not she enchanting? The European short hair is a really very graceful cat breed. Usually these house cats have muscular legs, a broad chest and also a thick coat. The European short hair is considered to be very intelligent. At the same time it is usually as lively as it is loving.

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