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I believe that when we are truly creating,
we are really alive.

About me

For me, art is the best way to express my emotions. And I want to share my thoughts with other people. With YOU.
I want to manifest my ideas in the physical world. I am Moitao.
Artist Moitao headfirst.
Artist Moitao with picture before head.
Artist Moitao with hand before mouth.

28 January 2017

Finally! My new website goes online! With fresh design, many art prints and full-fledged shop.

The press reports about my cat pictures

December 2016

The magazine "Geliebte Katze" ("Beloved Cat") introduces me to its readers in the January 2017  issue - with a 3-page artist portrait. An estimated 45,000 people are reading it. I will be honest: I am delighted!

October 2013

Moitao und Fabian in Deutschland.

Welcome to Germany! My husband and I make a really big step together. At the end of 2013, I move from Hong Kong to Germany. After months of preparation and hard struggle in the “authorities jungle”, we are finally living together. And are - happy

2004 - 2008

Moitao bei künstlerischer Arbeit für die Universität.

Yes, the university. What a wonderful phase in my life. I am studying "Creative Media" at the "City University of Hong Kong". Meet great people and find friends for life. Oh, and I'm studying as well. Sometimes

On to new shores


My first long trip to Europe changes everything for me. I am on my own and can discover so much new. My art is also developing strongly in this time. And I start to sign all my artworks with "Moitao".

1998 - 2004

Moitao mit Lehrerin am College.

I start my basic art skills training during my school time at "Sacred Heart Canossian College" with Ms Kwok. After my change to "St. Peter's Secondary School" I meet another art teacher - Mr Lam. He plants an idea into my head: To leave to explore Europe.

26 September 1985

Moitao als Baby mit Familie.

On a Thursday in the Year of the Wood Buffalo, the skilled staff of the "Tsan Yuk Hospital" exposes me professionally to the glaringly bright light of this world. My reaction: I am starting to scream.

Painted pictures
Happy customers
Cups of coffee
Bold ideas

What is Moitao? Or: Why I simply love art

Moitao is my artist's name and my signature since 2007. This is the year when I went to Europe alone for the first time and I attended a short French course in France.VG WORT Zählpixel.

A very important step for my personal development. French is the next language I have devoted to besides Cantonese, Mandarin and English. My nickname has always been Atao. With the artist name Moitao I wanted to leave the shadow of my parents behind me and become a truly independent, adult woman.

In French, "Moi" has the meaning "I". This I have combined with my nickname Atao, which is being pronounced as "Tao" in Mandarin. Thus, joint together it results in the name Moitao - pronounced: mwa-tào.

More about my path as an artist

I was born in Hong Kong and studied Creative Media at the "City University of Hong Kong". I love art, and drawings in particular, since my childhood. As a teenager, I also studied handicraft and traditional art. During my time as a student, I immersed myself in the exciting field of art with new media.

All this has enormously expanded my imagination as an artist. And my goal is to use different media for my creations. I believe ideas come first. Then we think about how we can bring them to life.

I am very interested in the new media. Although I can not yet integrate it into my art as I would like to, but I do not want that to restrict my creativity in the future anymore. Therefore, I am currently working mainly on my drawings, while I am learning programming at the same time.

My trip to Europe

As mentioned briefly above, I traveled to Europe for the first time in 2007 alone. For the first time, I also noticed the differences between Western and Asian culture. In 2008, I was still traveling a few months within Europe, again alone.

It was a very precious time for me. I have made some drawings in this period, they are rather abstract. Paper and pen were my friends on the whole trip. Some of these drawings can be found very soon in my portfolio - within the category PHASE 1.

During this time, I gained many friends from around the world and for the first time I understood that the whole universe is really one. It is so large and yet so small. The coverage of the international media was suddenly relevant to me. I met many people with different cultural backgrounds and listened to their stories.

So I understood more and more about cultural differences and historical connections. From then on, the world seemed much less black-and-white than before, and it helped me again to see it with different eyes.

England: There and back again

Then I did two years of working holiday in England. During this time I lived in London as well as in a small village called Barnard Castle.

This phase also helped me to get to know myself better, to become more independent and to find out what is important to me in my life.

During these two years I have created absolutely nothing new. I felt very lost: my search for love, money, a place where I can live. A move from Barnard Castle to London - I was always on the hunt for new, exciting experiences.

And suddenly this insight: I am only one of millions of travelers who do not belong anywhere.

Finally, one of my friends bought me a complete painting set and encouraged me to become creative again. I could not do it. The world got so black and dirty. Time elapsed, the time had come to return home. Back to Hong Kong - to my parents.

Back in Hong Kong, I began my work as an art teacher and tought children how to paint. It was a great time and I remembered that art should be a pleasure.

I spent a total of two years with the children, always thinking: what should I do next?

The children always reminded me that we were all children once. Many of us were very lucky to have come to this world in a healthy and lively way. So what makes us so different when we grow up?

Back then two words came to my mind again and again: consciousness and determination. I started drawing again.

Artist Moitao: Portrait.

Hi Germany!

I married my husband in 2013 in Germany. Here is also the place where we bring this website and the blog together to life. He helps me to organize my thoughts and to put them into words. Especially regarding the German texts - he took care of all translations.

Through Fabian I have become aware again of a very important word: proactivity. Being proactive in life is far from easy. Because then you have to face more issues and take over more responsibility. Nevertheless I really do think that this is the best way for me to achieve real happiness.

Building this homepage was and is a big challenge for Fabian and myself. At the same time it is a lot of fun. I am a positive person who always sees the beauty in life. Nevertheless, you will also discover sadness in my works. This is no contradiction for me. Because if you have never felt sadness, then you can never see true beauty. Beauty never appears alone.

I am very pleased that you have read my story up to this point. I hope you liked it. Now I would like to invite you to continue with my portfolio. Most of my pictures you can find here - sorted by categories.

I feel like I am discovering new beauty every time when I deal more deeply with all the little things that appear in my life. I hope I can share my enthusiasm about this with you.

Art as a journey. Told in pictures. Moving as life.

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