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      Delivery time: max. 5 workdays2 I painted So Cool Sista when I participated in a funky dance course in HK. It is named after a famous Korean band and their song, which we used. While I was enjoying my moves, some people made fun of me. The expression of the fat lady in the picture shows exactly how I felt back then. Inspired by "Hefty Fine" (Band:...

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      Delivery time: max. 5 workdays2 Food should be a treat. For the overweight, however, this is sometimes really not so easy. It is very often that they are judged and criticized by others when they are eating something. Indeed, very often I imagine that other people also do this with me. A very unpleasant feeling - which is the subject of this picture.

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      Delivery time: max. 5 workdays2 At the same time as the dance course, then in Hong Kong, I also took part in a Pilates Yoga course. Again, for overweight people, some of the yoga figures are not that easy to perform. And not only because of lack of flexibility, but also because of the fat, which prevents the body from performing the pose altogether.

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      Delivery time: max. 5 workdays2 With Broken Jeans I would like to express my respect for the painter Egon Schiele. My picture is inspired by his work "Seated woman with bent knee", 1917. Because of the very thick legs my jeans are always very fast torn, back then. For fat people this is absolutely not comfortable because while walking and running...

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      Delivery time: max. 5 workdays2 When I weighed more than 80 kg, I laughed at every look in the mirror that I had more than two breasts: three at the front and three at the back. If you look only at the upper body, you can hardly distinguish what is front and what is behind. My picture "Pairs of Breasts" is also inspired by a work by Austrian painter...

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      Delivery time: max. 5 workdays2 This is a game I played in a training camp: 5 people were sitting on a total of 5 chairs. We took turns to go around the chairs without touching the ground. This was a very embarrassing exercise for me, because on my chair was hardly enough space for me alone. You can really easily imagine what everyone was thinking just...

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      Delivery time: max. 5 workdays2 Another difficult phase came for me during school. I was 13 or 14 years old. At this time, we practiced on the beam in school sports. Can you imagine how it is when the expectations placed on someone corpulent are the same as on pupils with normal figure? Each time when I stood on the beam, I had the same problem: I...

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      Delivery time: max. 5 workdays2 If you grow up in Hong Kong, you usually have very little space. Included: The toilets of some restaurants. It can be very difficult to get out of the super-narrow rooms. Especially if the door can only be pulled open but not pressed. Just think about the toilets in airplanes. And now imagine that you are twice as thick...

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      Delivery time: max. 5 workdays2 Most people think that fat people do not fit into jeans because they are too tight and because of that they can not pull their pants over their legs. This is true, but for me it is not the whole story. My problem was always that jeans, which fit me at the legs, were much too wide in the hip. Therefore, the normal way to...

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