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    Delivery time: max. 5 workdays2 I am quite sure when we share a selfie, we are looking for other people’s confirmation and hope that they like us. How often do you like your own selfie? And when you like your own selfie, do you like yourself? We do not need to be concerned about the superficial social media opinions of others, because most of the...

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    Delivery time: max. 5 workdays2 I like this image of the series very much. The scorpion pose is really difficult. She cannot do it alone yet, so she uses the wall as support. Sure, this is not a perfect scorpion pose, but she finds her own way and gives her best again. Still with a grumpy face. The key is not being perfect but to try out, in order to...

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    Delivery time: max. 5 workdays2 This is a game I played in a training camp: 5 people were sitting on a total of 5 chairs. We took turns to go around the chairs without touching the ground. This was a very embarrassing exercise for me, because on my chair was hardly enough space for me alone. You can really easily imagine what everyone was thinking just...

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    Delivery time: max. 5 workdays2 This is the only picture in which she closes her eyes - meditating in the lotus position. Her expression also differs slightly from those of the other paintings. Less annoyed, but still disturbed. With her eyes closed, she imagines she is the only one in the room. So why does she still not feel peaceful? Where does the...

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Art in practice: Moitao and veterinarian transform small animal practice into picture gallery

At the end of October, Moitao and veterinarian Dr. Nicole Moniac presented the results of their creative collaboration at a new opening of the practice. This blog article reveals how it went.
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"Making the invisible visible." Exhibition KAIROS gives guest performance in Hamburg

The exhibition "KAIROS. The right moment" is currently on tour in Hamburg. I was invited and report in this blog post about the project with works by Wolfang Beltracchi and Mauro Fiorese.
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Kunst in der Praxis
Die Abwicklung verlief sehr professionell und zugleich freundlich und unkompliziert. Danke ihr beiden!
nicole m. 11/20/2018
Unsere Haustiere als Kunst
Einfach zauberhaft, diese unglaublich tolle Künstlerin ist sogar auf Sonderwünsche -und dass ganz spontan- eingegangen. Ich schicke Ihr mit dieser Bewertung auch ein Bussi aus dem Norden...
Ann-Katrin v. 04/29/2018
Übersichtlich und professionell
Ich liebe wie übersichtlich der Onlineshop gestaltet ist und wie einfach man bestellen kann. 5 Sterne und ein großes Lob and den Designer! :)
Evelin B. 07/04/2017
Great service
Had a great experience with Moitao from the beginning to the end. She responded email efficiently regarding any questions I had about postage and walked through the stages patiently with me. Thank...
Ann C. 04/23/2017

Kunst-in-BildernVG WORT Zählpixel. by Moitao: Crafted to be alive

On our website I share with you what I like most: My art in the form of beautiful and touching pictures. Do you love art and painting? Then you are exactly right here. Stay a bit and look around - there is a lot to discover: In the categories of Fat Lady, Triangle Art and Projects, I present to you all my works that I have painted so far. You can easily sort the art pictures by collections and series.

In the Features section, we have a deep look at specific topics. Here you can find, for example, a whole page only about dog pictures, or art print buying. Behind the menu point Moitao you will find out more about my person, my career and my artistic intention. Here you can read how I found the long way from Hong Kong to Germany, what drives me to do art and what I want to achieve with my work. In the blog, my husband Fabian writes about my art pictures, art in general and all the topics that have to do with it.

If you always want to stay the know, please subscribe to our newsletter. In it, you will read regularly what is new. While surfing on our website, there are questions coming up? No problem, then you should pay a visit to the FAQ section. Here you can find compact answers to frequently asked questions. And finally, I am very happy when you contact me, if you would like to discuss questions about our website or my pictures directly with me.

Art also lives on the interchange and contact between people. I am looking forward to our interchange.

Yours truly,

Signature of Moitao

Mein Shop auf Dawanda

Auf Wunsch fertige ich auch sehr gerne Auftragsarbeiten für sie an. Alle Details hierzu finden sie im Bereich Auftragsmalerei. Sie möchten direkt im Shop vorbeischauen und stöbern? Kein Problem, dann klicken sie einfach auf das unten stehende Banner und sie gelangen direkt zu meinem Shop.

Egal ob für sich selbst, Freunde, Bekannte, Familie oder Menschen, die sie einfach lieben. In meinem Shop finden sie bestimmt ein Kunstbild, das ihnen ans Herz wächst. Dabei erweitere ich mein Angebot ständig. Derzeit finden sie bei mir im Schaufenster:

  • Werke auf Künstlerpapier
  • Geplant: Kunstbilder auf Leinwand
  • Geplant: Individualisierbare Bilder
  • Geplant: Besondere Angebote zu bestimmten Ereignissen und Jahreszeiten

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